Erectile Dysfunction Psychological or Physical

If you have this dysfunction, then you might be thinking about whether it is psychological or if it is due to some physical problem. Here is a test you can use, but it is not full proof. Every night a man usually get one or more erections naturally when he sleep. If you don’t get nightly erection, then your problem might be psychological. If do get an erection at night, then your problem might be a physical illness.

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To determine if you had an erection at night there is one test used by many. Wrap a strip of postage stamps around the shaft of your penis, before you go to bed. If the strip is in tack in the morning, then you didn’t get a nightly erection. You can wrap other things on your penis that can tell if you had an erection.

You may also want to go to your doctor to get a checkup, especially for heart function. If you find that you have heart issues, you can decide whether you want to use drugs or whether you want to use a natural approach for your heart problems and for your erectile dysfunction.

If it is psychological, then you need to discuss this with your partner so that there no miscommu-nication between you. Most men that are experiencing impotency have lost their confidence in producing erections. It would be a good idea to see a therapist that is versed in this area.

You should also examine areas of your life where you are stress and have issues with other people that have not been resolved.

One area that is a start in your mental attitude is take control and responsibility for your body. Many men make the mistake of giving their penis a name, like Roger, Biggy, Volcano, Johnny, and so on. The act of giving your penis a name is a process where you are dissociating yourself from your penis. It is like another person to you. It’s your penis and you should consider it part of your body and accept that you are having problems with your penis and not that roger is having problems.

You don’t give other parts of your body names, so it does not seem natural to give your penis a name. Changing your attitude in this area will help you start to consider that your whole body has to change, including the way you think about your penis.

Female Sexual Enhancement Products

Libido is sexual desire of a person. Whether you are a man or a woman, you may be interested in the methods that can in a short and long term increase sexual interest and pleasure experienced by you and your partner. You may also be looking for tips to find a sexual appetite lost, or reconnect with your past performance. Here’s a guide to help you.

While men almost always have a great sexual activity, the same can not be said for women. While women enjoy sex as much as men, there is a clear difference between men and women regarding sex. Many women suffer from low female libido for a variety of reasons.

If you suffer from low female libido it may be accounted by one of those reasons is what is causing:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual Pain
  • Surgery
  • Relationship Problems
  • History of sexual abuse
  • Pregnancy

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The Cause and Natural Cure for Male Erectile Impotence

Are you tired of wanting to please your sex partner, but every time you try, you come up short of your expectations?

Are you tired of the disappointment and embarrassment after not being able to perform when the time comes?

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Male Impotence! The facts!

Male impotence or erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that is characterized by the individual’s inability to develop or maintain a penile erection for satisfactory intercourse. Male impotence affects 15-30 million American men each year. Erectile dysfunctions becomes more common with age but is not part of the normal aging process. About half of men 65 years of age and three-fourths of men 80 years of age have erectile dysfunction. Usually, erectile dysfunction has a physical cause. However, sometimes this condition can be caused by psychological factors. Currently, erectile dysfunction/impotence has several treatment options, which include psychotherapy, drug therapy, vacuum devices, and surgery. However, male impotence has also been treated naturally for thousands of years with success!

So what is the cause of male impotence?

The Cause of Impotence in Males

First off, to achieve an erection, the penis needs both an adequate inflow of blood and a slowing of blood outflow. Disorders that narrow arteries and decrease blood inflow on the blood vessels can cause erectile dysfunction. Also, abnormalities in the veins of the penis can sometimes drain blood back to the body so rapidly that erections cannot be sustained despite adequate blood flow. However, there are numerous causes of impotence in males which can vary from obesity to depression.
Here is a list of various causes which might be causing you to have an erectile dysfunction:

1. Atherosclerosis: plaque in the arteries caused from bad diet, obesity or genetics.

2. Diabetes: caused by genetics or diet.

3. Neurological damage: damage caused to nerves leading to or from penis.

4. Prostrate surgery: surgery commonly associated with impotence

5. Stroke: having a stroke often is followed with impotence

6. Alcohol or drug use: especially drugs such as antidepressants, sedatives, antihypertensive, and a few more contribute to loss of erection.

7. Hormonal Imbalance: having low levels of testosterone contributes to impotence

8. Illness: a body which is run-down is often an impotent body

9. Stress: a cause of numerous illnesses, including impotence

10. Depression: an illness of the mind can affect the whole body and penis.

11. Obesity: unfit men are the majority of impotent men.

12. Inactivity: men who do not exercise will often times experience impotency.

8 Tips to Naturally Cure Male Impotency

Of the 15-30 million American men who consistently are unable to achieve or maintain an erection, about 80-90% of the erectile dysfunctions are caused by physical problems. Simply put, you have the ability to naturally cure your impotence problem. Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track with your love life again:

1. Fats are BAD! Start watching your daily fat intake! Begin by trying to have less than 60-70 grams of fat per day. Watch out for desserts, grains and processed foods!

2. Cholesterol is a Killer! Both to your arteries and erections. Beware of foods from animals or animal products and go gentle on processed foods and desserts. These foods clog arteries around the area of the penis causing impotence.

3. Exercise! You would be surprised what a simple 10-15 minute walk would do for your love life. And did you know that exercise can be addicting if you start out SLOW and continue to push yourself to more difficult workouts.

4. Jasmine can help! Purchase oils or candles containing the aphrodisiac scent and place oils/candles throughout bedroom. Give Jasmine a few weeks to work its magic

5. Rise early! Did you know? If you get enough sleep (8 hours) and rise by 6 AM you will more productive throughout the day and more productive in the bed! Try to make it a habit!

6. Eat a good balanced breakfast, eat a nutritional lunch and eat a light dinner around 5-6 pm. You will have more energy than ever before!

7. Fibers, Fruits and Vegetables! Center your diet and eating foods high in dietary fiber and healthy fruits and vegetables. Impotence will not stand a chance.

8. Ginkgo means Go! The herb ginkgo, found in most health food stores, will improve blood flow to the penis’s veins and arteries, which may help reverse impotence. Give 6-8 weeks for the herb to show results.

Lifestyle Changes

A relatively healthy body is needed to create hardness. So the healthier you are the stronger and longer lasting will be you erections. If your health is not so good, this will be reflected in your penis hardness and how long it stays hard.

The level of hardness can vary, so if you get hard but not as hard as you would like, then it’s an indication that you need to improve your health. If you get some hardness, but it does not stay hard for very long then again, you need to look at living a healthy lifestyle.

Diet is where you need to start. Being overweight or obese has a direct relationship on how hard you get. You will have to lose some weight, if you are overweight. Being overweight is related to a variety of illnesses that can plague you, if you maintain that weight or increase that weight.

All of these suggestions and steps are designed to improve your cardiovascular system, blood circulation, increase nitric oxide, lose weight, and increase mental attitude.

Start Getting Harder Erections

Since having good sex depends on your overall health care, then you need to be concerned about how to get your overall health into better shape. The first place to start with, to improve your hardness, is to look at habits that have a big impact on your sex life. Then make an effort to reduce or eliminate these habits. There are certain reasons why these habits have a big impact and these will be discussed at different places in this e-book.

Just keep in mind that getting hard might be a temporary condition and if it is resulting from stress, such as marital conflicts or work relations with coworkers or bosses, then correcting these situations can relieve your temporary hardness problem.

Stress and Depression

If you are depressed, then you need to find a way to come out of this condition. Take a look at what is depressing you, and take action to change it. It may require you to talk with the person that is related to your depression so that some resolution can occur.

If your depression is related to a love one’s death, then you need to have some consoling to help you over this difficult time.

The idea here is when you are stress or depressed you need to take action to solve the problem and not be disabled. Many times it is hard to take first action, but remember this is affecting your health and hardness and this is what you want to correct or change.
Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol

Smoking is probably one the most devastating habits to have and one of the more difficult ones to stop. When you are smoking you are using up a high level of your antioxidants that you need to help you maintain good health in all parts of your body.

Cirrhosis of the liver from chronic alcoholism can lower the amount of testosterone you have moving through your blood stream. Testosterone stimulates the sex drive and assists in producing sperm.

Drinking a small amount of wine can be relaxing and contains a high level of anti-oxidants, which are good for your arteries. Studies have showed that only a small amount should be taking every day and that it should not be overdone.