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Obesity as a Cause of Impotence and the Use of Viagra

How Obesity Affects Erectile Function

Among various factors that can cause impotence, one of the most controversial is obesity. On the one hand, obesity often leads to numerous other health problems and affect a quality of life in general. On the other hand, the fact that extra weight is the real cause of erection troubles can be quite encouraging for a man, because in most cases it is within his power to remedy the situation, and the damage to sexual health is not irreversible.

It should be noted that not all men with extra weight have problems with sexual life, but a significant percentage of them admit their erection could be much better. One of the American studies says that men with a BMI of 28.7kg and higher are 30% more likely to have troubles with potency. According to another study, nearly 80% of men suffering from weak erections are overweight.

How Obesity Affects Erectile Function

How Obesity Affects Erectile Function

Obesity has a complex effect on the body, and all these factors combined lead to problems with erection or impotence.

  • Obesity and testosterone. There is a close correlation between muscle mass, percentage of fat in the body and testosterone levels. According to studies results, excess weight leads to reduction in testosterone at least by 2%, and in case of severe obesity – up to 75%. And testosterone is one of the crucial hormones for a man, and erection greatly depends on it. Lack of this hormone reduces sexual desire, lowers energy and makes a man feel depressed.
  • Reduced self-esteem. Men who think they are fat are likely to be depressed, anxious and have a reduced self-esteem. And since psychology, confidence and erectile function are closely connected, the potency may suffer.
  • Low Stamina. Extra weight can diminish the energy reserves in the body, and it will be difficult to stay active in the bedroom. Men who go in for sports have an advantage here – they are always more energetic, even in case of excess weight.
  • Cardiovascular system. Extra body weight increases the levels of fat in the body, leading to clogging of arteries and atherosclerosis. A strain on the heart results in reduced heart function. This means that the blood flow to the penis is limited and becomes insufficient to reach or maintain erections. One of the dangers is that long-term absence of sufficient blood supply to the penis can cause tissue atrophy, and the penis can even become smaller in size.
  • Poor circulation. Compression of the blood vessels because of the excessive weight reduces the blood flow to the penis, which makes is harder to get erection. Nerve damage and sensation loss can also follow inadequate blood circulation.
  • Nerve tissue damage. Overweight men have a greater risk for type 2 diabetes development, which in its turn can cause the loss of nerve cells the damage if nerve tissues, especially in the extremities – feet, hands and penis.

Will I Restore My Potency if I Lose Weight?

Yes, losing weight can actually help to return adequate erections, if obesity was the major cause of impotence. Improvement of physical fitness is a necessary condition for loss of excess weight and natural restoration of erectile function. Drinking plenty of water, healthy nutrition, and physical exercises will lead to well-proportional body and keep the penis in the working condition. Smoking and alcohol accelerate extra weight gaining, so if you can, it’s better to give them up. Every small positive lifestyle change can help you make the body more shapely, and masculine health better.

What you can do: go in for sports at least 3 times a week (both cardiovascular muscle strengthening and exercises) and , sit less, reduce daily calories intake and the amount of saturated fats, increase fibre intake, eat less fast food and more fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the level of anxiety and stress in life. Don’t lose patience if you don’t see immediate results, keep in mind your long-term goal.

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Steadily Great Erection with Viagra Generic despite Obesity

While you make efforts for losing weight and becoming healthy, you probably do not want to make a break in your sexual life, and you don’t have to. As a temporary measure you can use medications that give immediate results and help to reach and maintain erection sufficient for a qualitative sexual intercourse. These are oral drugs for treatment of erectile dysfunction – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. Viagra will improve the blood flow to the penis and provide it for several hours. Some studies say it also is able to boost testosterone levels. Viagra Generic of high quality at affordable prices is available in online pharmacies.

Erectile Dysfunction Psychological or Physical

If you have this dysfunction, then you might be thinking about whether it is psychological or if it is due to some physical problem. Here is a test you can use, but it is not full proof. Every night a man usually get one or more erections naturally when he sleep. If you don’t get nightly erection, then your problem might be psychological. If do get an erection at night, then your problem might be a physical illness.

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To determine if you had an erection at night there is one test used by many. Wrap a strip of postage stamps around the shaft of your penis, before you go to bed. If the strip is in tack in the morning, then you didn’t get a nightly erection. You can wrap other things on your penis that can tell if you had an erection.

You may also want to go to your doctor to get a checkup, especially for heart function. If you find that you have heart issues, you can decide whether you want to use drugs or whether you want to use a natural approach for your heart problems and for your erectile dysfunction.

If it is psychological, then you need to discuss this with your partner so that there no miscommu-nication between you. Most men that are experiencing impotency have lost their confidence in producing erections. It would be a good idea to see a therapist that is versed in this area.

You should also examine areas of your life where you are stress and have issues with other people that have not been resolved.

One area that is a start in your mental attitude is take control and responsibility for your body. Many men make the mistake of giving their penis a name, like Roger, Biggy, Volcano, Johnny, and so on. The act of giving your penis a name is a process where you are dissociating yourself from your penis. It is like another person to you. It’s your penis and you should consider it part of your body and accept that you are having problems with your penis and not that roger is having problems.

You don’t give other parts of your body names, so it does not seem natural to give your penis a name. Changing your attitude in this area will help you start to consider that your whole body has to change, including the way you think about your penis.

Lifestyle Changes

A relatively healthy body is needed to create hardness. So the healthier you are the stronger and longer lasting will be you erections. If your health is not so good, this will be reflected in your penis hardness and how long it stays hard.

The level of hardness can vary, so if you get hard but not as hard as you would like, then it’s an indication that you need to improve your health. If you get some hardness, but it does not stay hard for very long then again, you need to look at living a healthy lifestyle.

Diet is where you need to start. Being overweight or obese has a direct relationship on how hard you get. You will have to lose some weight, if you are overweight. Being overweight is related to a variety of illnesses that can plague you, if you maintain that weight or increase that weight.

All of these suggestions and steps are designed to improve your cardiovascular system, blood circulation, increase nitric oxide, lose weight, and increase mental attitude.

Start Getting Harder Erections

Since having good sex depends on your overall health care, then you need to be concerned about how to get your overall health into better shape. The first place to start with, to improve your hardness, is to look at habits that have a big impact on your sex life. Then make an effort to reduce or eliminate these habits. There are certain reasons why these habits have a big impact and these will be discussed at different places in this e-book.

Just keep in mind that getting hard might be a temporary condition and if it is resulting from stress, such as marital conflicts or work relations with coworkers or bosses, then correcting these situations can relieve your temporary hardness problem.

Stress and Depression

If you are depressed, then you need to find a way to come out of this condition. Take a look at what is depressing you, and take action to change it. It may require you to talk with the person that is related to your depression so that some resolution can occur.

If your depression is related to a love one’s death, then you need to have some consoling to help you over this difficult time.

The idea here is when you are stress or depressed you need to take action to solve the problem and not be disabled. Many times it is hard to take first action, but remember this is affecting your health and hardness and this is what you want to correct or change.
Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol

Smoking is probably one the most devastating habits to have and one of the more difficult ones to stop. When you are smoking you are using up a high level of your antioxidants that you need to help you maintain good health in all parts of your body.

Cirrhosis of the liver from chronic alcoholism can lower the amount of testosterone you have moving through your blood stream. Testosterone stimulates the sex drive and assists in producing sperm.

Drinking a small amount of wine can be relaxing and contains a high level of anti-oxidants, which are good for your arteries. Studies have showed that only a small amount should be taking every day and that it should not be overdone.